Écluse Sanitaire

Caractéristiques Principales

  • Fully machined externals for clean form and function
  • Compact assembly accommodates installation space constraints
  • Easy to clean both internally and externally with easily removable rotor
  • Hygienic all stainless steel design with minimal cracks and crevices
  • Smooth internal surfaces reduces product pick-up and aids pocket emptying efficiency
  • Direct drive with enclosed coupling eliminates problems with cleaning and maintaining a chain and sprocket drive
  • Minimum clearance between rotor tips and body
  • Lip seals provide effective containment with reduced maintenance requirements
  • Precision machining of components

La fonction première d’une écluse rotative est de réguler le débit d’un produit entre deux enceintes tout en conservant une bonne étanchéité à l’air. Le produit est le plus souvent un pulvérulent sec ou un granuleux. Elle est communément utilisé dans les systèmes de transport pneumatique, à la fois sous vide et sous pression, ainsi que pour des filtres de dépoussiérage mais aussi pour du dosage.

L’écluse rotative sanitaire Kleanlok est une écluse plus spécialisée. Sa conception modulaire la rend plus facile à nettoyer, et elle est plus particulièrement destinée aux industries alimentaires, chimiques et pharmaceutiques, où la propreté et l’hygiène, à la fois interne et externe, doivent respecter des normes très exigeantes.

Rotolok manufactures a complete range of Rotary Valves and in the past, for hygienic applications, the standard range has been used, resulting in large costs being
incurred to meet the food standards with regards to polishing etc.

The Kleanlok is, by design, a different concept as it has been styled to ensure that all internal and external surfaces. can be fully machined, creating a smooth surface with no lodgement points. This minimises and simplifies polishing and enables the user to clean or wash the valve quickly and easily.

The drive is normally direct coupled, making the complete assembly more compact and eliminating the need for motor mounting plates and bosses, which significantly complicate the external cleaning operation.

The Kleanlok has a compact and modular design to reduce the time spent on disassembly when cleaning.

All valves of this model have the quick release rotor feature as standard.

All Kleanloks are constructed from cast stainless steel with stainless steel rotors, to meet hygiene requirements.

Standard range sizes, 75mm to 250mm diameter, but this will be extended to suit customer needs.

Our Kleanloks are, like our standard Rotary Valve, very adaptable. In the past we have made many special versions to suit
different applications and to handle various difficult products. Some of these adaptations include:

  • Special Rotor designs, including reduced capacity
  • Reduced Rotor speed
  • Dropout boxes/Blowing Seal addition
  • Specialised components
  • Non-standard assembly methods
  • ATEX category 1 certified for use in all DSEAR Zones

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise stated

75 76 191 152 92 152 230 210 12 35 140 200 297 420 126 4 19 .02 .37
100 102 230 190 92 170 249 260 12 35 190 200 303 420 126 8 19 .08 .37
150 152 280 241 92 195 275 322 12 35 252 200 333 720 126 8 22 .23 .37
200 203 343 298 92 222 309 395 12 35 325 300 383 461 158 8 22 .50 .75
250 254 406 362 92 250 338 520 20 50 420 300 411 450 158 12 25 1.00 .75